How to Keep Birds from Ruining Your Summer Activities

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Tired of having birds lounging in your pool? Maybe they’re leaving a mess on your patio or deck? Once the weather warms up, you may notice more activity in your backyard from unwanted guests. Below you can find some helpful tips on how to keep birds off your porch, patio, and pool.

Pool Protection

One simple solution to deterring unwanted birds near a pool and surrounding deck is to set up a predatory bird statue. Owls are the most common option to use, but hawk and falcon statues also work well. These statues create the illusion that another bird has claimed the territory, leaving others to find a new home. Be sure to move the statue to new locations if birds start ignoring it.

Automatic pool vacuums also work well to deter pesky birds. The constant movement discourages birds from landing in the water, similar to leaving brightly colored pool toys and floats as a deterrent. Finally, it’s best to keep the pool covered when possible. A simple solar cover is an easy alternative to a traditional cover to protect your pool from bird droppings and stray feathers.

Barbecue Defense

If you’re finding that birds are nesting in your barbeque or leaving droppings behind in between use, then you may want to consider some of these tactics to prevent birds from making a mess. Invest in a high-quality cover to protect your trusty grill in between uses.

You can also cover the grill with bird netting when you’re not using it. Be sure to get netting that won’t cause birds to get tangled or caught in the netting to prevent birds from getting stuck or hurt. Remember to clean the grill of any leftover food that may reside after use. Birds will come back regularly if they keep finding food.

Patio and Deck Solutions

If you’re finding that birds are congregating on your patio or deck, try these solutions to rid the unwelcome company. Bird spikes are a popular solution to install on fencing and in gutters. These will make it difficult for birds to land on, making your home one less place for birds to nest.

Wind chimes or ultrasonic noise machines are also useful to deter nuisance birds. These noise machines emit a high pitched sound that won’t be noticed by you, but will annoy birds enough to avoid your patio.

Use a Non-Toxic Bird Repellent

The best way to get rid of nuisance birds from your home is by applying a bird repellent like Avian Control or Avian Migrate. Don’t feel like applying repellent manually? The Avian Fog Force TR is an automated spray that you can place on your patio to harmlessly deter birds regularly with no maintenance.

These bird repellents are non-toxic to birds and people, so you can rest assured you’re not harming the birds while enjoying the summer in your pool or on your patio.

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How to Keep Birds from Ruining Your Summer Activities

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