Tips to Protect Your Cherry Trees

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Growing cherry trees requires a lot of patience, but the reward is worthwhile. As many fruit growers will tell you though, your greatest enemy will soon be flocking to your trees: birds. Birds like starlings and sparrows are notorious for eating cherries just before they are ripe enough to pick. To help alleviate the stress from birds, here are a few simple methods to help protect your cherry trees.

Scare Birds Away With Noise

Birds may be clever animals, but they’re easy to outsmart. Try scaring birds away with something as simple as a noise maker! An effective noise maker can be made at home by hanging glass or plastic bottles from your trees. When the wind blows, the bottles will create enough sound to frighten away birds.

Materials To Use:

  • Plastic bottles
  • Glass bottles
  • String

CAUTION: Beware of using electronic noise makers as they can be disruptive to your neighbors.

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Set Up Reflective Material

Hanging reflective material on your trees can keep birds away. Birds don’t exactly understand reflections, so they’d rather stay far from them. Simply tie some string around your reflective material and hang in a bright, sunny location near your cherry trees.

Materials To Use:

  • CD’s
  • Mirrors
  • Reflective tape or streamers
  • String

Pro Tip: Birds will not stay away for long. They will eventually understand that these methods are not a threat.

Feed the Birds

Birds often feed when the fruit is close to being ripe enough to pick. This could potentially be from a lack of a food source. Another pro tip is to plant a few sacrificial berry-producing plants away from the cherry trees to take the pressure off your future crops. You could also simply put out a bird feeder with grain or sun flowers in it.

Materials To Use:

  • Bird Feeder
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Peanuts

CAUTION: While this method may help deter birds from your main crop, the opposite effect may occur as well! Enticing birds to feed near your cherry trees may encourage more birds to return.

Protect Your Cherries with Bird Repellent

The simplest method for protecting your cherry trees is to use a non-lethal liquid bird repellent.
Avian Control is an easy-to-apply liquid bird repellent that can be sprayed or fogged. No need to worry about the growth or taste of your crops either, Avian Control won’t change your cherries growth patterns, appearance or taste.

Materials To Use:

Avian Control for the Best Results

To protect your cherry trees you’ll want a reliable method with the best results. Avian Control is a dependable form of protection that won’t require a long labor intensive application. With each treatment lasting about up to two weeks outdoors, Avian Control is the bird solution to help protect your cherry trees. Fly on over to our store or contact us for more information!

Simple Ways to Protect Your Cherry Trees From Birds
Learn how Avian Enterprises can help you protect your cherries this season.
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Tips to Protect Your Cherry Trees