Geese Invasion? How to Keep Geese Away From Your Property

geese eating grass

Sick of going on a wild goose chase every time these large, invasive birds come to town? Geese have a reputation for being noisy, messy and oftentimes aggressive. And, because they can adapt to almost any place that offers grass, water and space to invite their friends, once these birds stumble upon your property, they won’t be leaving anytime soon—kind of like your one buddy who only needed a place to crash for a couple weeks.

Thankfully, there are a few easy ways you can effectively manage your goose problem and take back your property. Try these 5 tricks for keeping geese off of your commercial or residential property:

Stop feeding them

Not only is human food bad for their digestive systems, it also encourages them to return for more. Stop tossing scraps to geese and make sure to clean up any food that may be left behind from picnics or afternoon snacks. If it is a public space, like a park or apartment complex, you may want to post signs that discourages people from feeding geese and other animals.

Install a swan decoy

If there is any bird that can match geese in aggression, it’s the swan. Geese know this and will usually avoid hanging out in the same space as them. Placing a fake swan on your property will cause geese to think twice and likely keep them from coming onto your property.

Plant shrubbery around ponds and other bodies of water

Geese prefer waterfront property with easy access and clear views. This is because they like to keep an eye on their surroundings, and tall grasses and shrubbery prevent them from doing so. Growing plants that reach two to three feet will make your water less appealing and send the geese on a search for someone else’s pond.

Scare them away with loud noises

While you can scare off many animals by simply waving your arms and screaming, this will likely entice a fight with a goose. To avoid painful bites from their sharp beak, you should use tools, such as an air horn, that allow you to scare them while keeping a safe distance.

Use a professional, effective Goose and Bird Repellent

If you’re not into waiting around for Geese to get the hint, consider using a professional repellent that starts to work almost instantly. At Avian Enterprise, we developed Avian Migrate™, an EPA-registered liquid Goose repellent that offers professional-grade solutions that are safe for humans, plants, other animals, and the Geese that it targets.

Take back control of your lawn and contact an Avian specialist today or browse our line of bird repellents to find a solution that works for you.

Geese Invasion? How to Keep Geese Away From Your Property