Geese Invasion? How to Keep Geese Away From Your Property

  • Stop Feeding Them
  • Set Up a Decoy
  • Make Water Unattractive
  • Scare Them with Noise

If you have geese problems, don’t sit around waiting for them to leave, do something about it! There is a variety of options out there. See how these simple tips can put a stop to your geese invasion so you can actually enjoy your property.

Stop Feeding Them

One of the most common reasons geese continue to return is the expectation of being fed. This a bad habit to support and human food is very bad for geese. If you are eating outside and accidentally leave food behind, geese will eat it and become prone to returning to your property. Clean up after outdoor meals, picnics and barbecues to ensure nothing is enticing them to your property.

Set Up a Swan Decoy to Scare Them Off

Swans are aggressive and protective, especially of their young. Geese know this and often stay away from swans to avoid confrontation. Placing a swan decoy on your property can fool the geese into fleeing away and put an end to their pesky invasion.

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If You Have Water On Your Property, Make it Appear Unattractive

If your property has a pond or waterfront, don’t cut or trim the plants surrounding the water. This will make the water less attractive for geese. Geese are very aware of their surroundings, and if they can’t see, they won’t feel safe in the area. Shrubbery and grasses should be allowed to grow about two or three feet high for maximum impact.

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Scare The Geese Away With Noise

Nothing clears the room like a loud noise, so use that to your advantage. There is a wide variety of options in the way of noise makers. Some of these options include, but are not limited to:


  • Air Horns
  • Metal Pans
  • Electronic Movement Detectors, and more!

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Use A Goose and Bird Repellent Spray to Take Back Your Property

Each of the following tactics has their pros and cons, but the best option is saved for last. Avian Migrate, a product of Avian Enterprises is an EPA-registered liquid goose and bird repellent that will eliminate your goose problems. It will prevent damage to your plants and/or property as well as get rid of bothersome geese. Shop now or contact us to learn more!

Geese Invasion? How to Keep Geese Away From Your Property
Are geese taking over your property? Learn how to keep them away with Avian Enterprises goose and bird repellent.
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Geese Invasion? How to Keep Geese Away From Your Property