Protect Your Wine Grapes From Birds With Liquid Bird Repellent

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Birds can cause major damage to your wine grapes. Thieving birds can eat the fruits of your labor and wreak havoc on crops. Don’t waste your time and money with ineffective methods. Learn how liquid bird repellent works to protect your wine grapes from hungry birds.

Easily Apply Liquid Bird Repellent

The simplest method for protecting your wine grapes is to use a liquid bird repellent. Non-lethal and non-toxic, these sprays have mild ingredients and deter birds from your properties without causing any harm to the bird, your wine grapes, or the surrounding environment! Liquid bird control comes in a variety of forms, which makes it easy to find the perfect fit for your specific needs.

Reliable Liquid Bird Control

Avian Control is an easy-to-apply liquid bird control spray that provides lasting, effective bird prevention for a variety of industries. Our liquid bird repellent is safe to use and will not change the growth patterns, appearance, or taste of your wine grapes.

Benefits Of Avian Control For Wine Grapes

  • Prevents birds from eating fruits and damaging crops
  • Low treatment costs (as low as $12.50/acre per treatment)
  • Non-lethal and mild enough for use around people, pets, and approved crops
  • Does not affect growth, taste, or color of treated crops
  • Long-lasting results
  • Reduction in bird droppings on crops
  • Elimination of birds nesting in fields and orchards
  • Application options: ground, aerial spraying, thermal, or ultra-low volume fogging

Avian Control For The Best Results 

To protect your wine grapes you’ll want a long-lasting method with the best results. Avian Control is a dependable form of protection that won’t require a long labor-intensive application. Safe for use around humans, animals, and crops, each Avian Control treatment lasts up to two weeks outdoors. Shop now or give us a call at 888.868.1982 for more information.

Protect Your Wine Grapes From Birds With Liquid Bird Repellent