Pigeon Problem? Try These Helpful Tips

Pigeon Problem- AC
  • Barricade their entrances
  • Close off open spaces
  • Try and effective repellent

Did you know that pigeon droppings can damage the finishing on buildings and cars, deface roofs and contaminate goods? If you are experiencing a pigeon problem, then it is time for you to take action. Try these helpful tips below:

Set Up Barriers

Creating bird barriers can be a strategic way to prevent pigeons from landing on your business or property. Different obstacles you can use include:

Spices- Pigeons do not like spices. By generously sprinkling spices (such as cinnamon, cayenne pepper, etc.) where pigeons like to roost, you will be less likely to see birds on your premises.

Anti-Roosting Spike Strips- Spike strips will make it uncomfortable for pigeons to land on. These are perfect for just about any place that pigeons like to sit on such as roofs, railings or balconies.

Weatherproof Strings- Weatherproof strings will prevent pigeons from being able to balance. These can be tied from one end to another where pigeons like to perch.

pigeonClose Off Spaces

Pigeons can become a real problem when they enter spaces that are not closed off. Prevent pigeons from trespassing on your premises by:

  • Sealing edges wherever the pigeons are nesting
  • Tucking netting under areas where pigeons can nest
  • Installing industrial netting in large open structures (barns, warehouses, etc.)

Use Bird Repellent Spray

Using bird repellent spray such as Avian Control can deter pigeons without causing harm to them. Though other bird deterrents require lengthy do-it-yourself setup techniques and do not last as long, Avian Control is different. Simply spray the areas where you want to deter pigeons and watch them disappear. Avian Control is also long-lasting and mild enough to be used on crops and around humans and animals.

Take Care of Your Pigeon Problem With Avian Control

Don’t waste time trying bird deterrents that wont work. Instead, take action and shop for an effective liquid bird repellent, today. Avian Control is a cost-effective solution for all of your pigeon problems. Find out more about what Avian Control can do for you by contacting us at 888.868.1982.

Pigeon Problem? Try These Helpful Tips
Try some of these bird repellent tips from Avian Enterprises to get those pesky pigeons off your property.
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Pigeon Problem? Try These Helpful Tips