Best Bird Repellent for Sweet Corn

Growing fall crops can be a fun activity for local families and farmers. Unfortunately, different pest birds can pick away at your corn leaving nothing but kernels left in the distance. Learn why Avian Control suggests you should use a bird repellent spray to help maintain your sweet corn supply.

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Problems Birds Can Cause Sweet Corn

Pest birds can hurt a decent size of your corn crop progress. This can hurt farmers because a lot of their stock is kept around to prepare for the busy season. Along with depleting your stock, birds can eat away at your corn or even at the kernels. Birds can also pull up the corn seedling and eat the seeds. If you are a farmer, this can make it difficult to earn a profit.

Save Your Sweet Corn

During harvest season, it is important to keep your corn and other vegetables protected from unwanted birds. Do-it-yourself methods can be used to help keep the birds away, momentarily but not permanently. Different bird control methods include: 


  • Netting – cover your crops with a net to keep birds out of your corn or a wire plant cage. 
  • Scare tactics – noise machines, shiny objects, scarecrows or colorful streamers.  

These methods are effective but can take a long time to prepare and cover, especially if you have a lot of land.

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Drive The Birds Away with Bird Spray

There are different types of bird deterrents out there to keep the birds away from your crops. Avian Control bird repellent offers two different techniques for your farm, spray or fog applications. Our repellent is EPA-registered, it is affordable and it lasts for up to 2 weeks. Avian Control bird repellent spray is safe to use around humans, animals and your crops too!

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Take Control of Your Corn with Avian Control, Today!

Plant and watch your sweet corn grow in peace by purchasing Avian Control’s liquid bird repellent today. We offer different sizing options for you to use on your field. Check out our shop online or contact us at 888.868.1982 if you have any questions about our bird preventive products!

Best Bird Repellent For Sweet Corn
Learn how to protect your sweet corn from birds.
Brand: Avian Enterprises
Best Bird Repellent for Sweet Corn