How to Get Your Garden Ready This Spring

  • Decide on your seeds and garden layout
  • Gather your gardening tools
  • Prepare the best soil for your plants
  • Find an effective bird control solution

Spring is just around the corner, which means nows the time to begin preparing this year’s garden. Like most of us, spring may have snuck up on you, leaving you unprepared for the planting season. Before you begin your garden, make sure you have everything you need with these tips.

Plan Your Plants and Garden Layout

The most important part of planning your garden begins before you ever touch a shovel. Deciding on your seeds will establish the types of soil, watering schedule and overall design for your garden, so choose wisely. Once you’ve chosen your seeds, create a garden layout that provides enough sunlight and space for your new plants.

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Prepare Your Gardening Toolstools

After you’ve chosen what you want to plant, now’s the time to find your tools of the trade. Dig out all of your gardening tools that have been stored away for the winter. This includes shovels, shears, gloves and anything else you think you may need throughout the growing season. Make sure that all tools are sharpened and rust free before you begin planting.

Start Enriching Your Soil

As all avid gardeners know, the key to a great growing season is enriched soil. A healthy soil will provide your plants with the nutrients and support they need in order to flourish as they grow. There are numerous methods to enrich your soil including, but not limited to:

  • Fertilizer
  • Compost
  • Wood Ash
  • Manure, and more.

Choose an Effective Bird Control Method

Protecting your garden from pest birds will ensure your plants remain intact throughout the season. While you may implement pesticides and insecticides to prevent insects from eating away at your hard work, don’t forget about pests from up above. Birds will see your garden as a tasty snack bar with all the food they could ask for. Prevent losing your plants to hungry birds with an effective bird control method.

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Keep Birds From Invading Your Garden With Avian Enterprises

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How to Get Your Garden Ready This Spring
Learn how to prepare your garden this spring with these tips from Avian Enterprises.
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How to Get Your Garden Ready This Spring