Start Thinking About This Season’s Blueberry Crop: Keep Birds Away

Keep blueberries away scare tactics
  • Start with bird scare tactics
  • Try building netting barriers
  • Use chemical treatments

Nothing can ruin delicious blueberry muffins, pancakes or jams more than not having blueberries. Keeping your blueberry crops safe is of the utmost importance for the economy (and our tastebuds). Avian Enterprises sheds some light on which methods work or don’t work to save your crops from birds this season.

Implement Bird Scare Tactics

There are different methods to keep birds away from your crops. While common, these tactics are only temporary solutions for your bird problems. Some of these include:scarecrow

  • Building your own scarecrows
  • Placing reflective planes around the field
  • Leaving predator-shaped kites tied to posts
  • Using sirens, cannons and other noise deterrents

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Establish Barriers With Bird Netting

Netting can be effective for blueberry patches around your house where set-up won’t be much of a hassle. However, most agricultural blueberry crops span acres of farmland, thus making set-up much more futile. Maintaining crops underneath yards of net is more difficult still and a single gap in the net can render this method useless.

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Treat The Area With Chemicals

Many commercial treatments that target birds are also used to eradicate insects. These chemicals can permanently harm birds by altering breeding patterns and impairing migration abilities. While saving your crops should be the priority, the process shouldn’t come at the risk of harming the birds. Consider nontoxic repellents, rather than poisonous sprays.

Start Protecting Your Blueberry Crops With Avian Enterprises, Today!

Avian Control liquid bird repellent contains the best results to protect blueberries without the extra work, hassle or safety failures. You can successfully protect your blueberry bushes for a lot longer by paying a lot less per acre. Convenient and affordable, Avian Control is made with food-grade ingredients and is mild enough to be used around plants, pets and people. For more information, contact us at 888.868.1982.

Start Thinking About This Season’s Blueberry Crop: Keep Birds Away
Keep hungry birds away from your blueberries with these tips from Avian Enterprises.
Brand: Avian Enterprises
Start Thinking About This Season’s Blueberry Crop: Keep Birds Away