How to Keep Birds Away from Airports

The last thing you want at an airport are birds hanging out around the tarmac and airfield. Pest birds can be very hazardous to aviation with birds colliding with aircraft, known as bird strikes, possibly causing aircraft to crash. Pest birds can be difficult to get rid of once they nest on your property. Here are a few tips on how to keep birds away from airports and why they are dangerous.

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Health Hazards

migratory-birds-157638_1280Don’t let pest birds leave behind potential diseases on tarmacs and airfields

Nothing is worse than getting sick from something that can be prevented. Birds carry a variety of different diseases that can be hazardous to humans and other animals. There are short term effects like cleaning equipment and property, but long term solutions like liquid bird repellent can save the company time and money.

Floating Bird Balls

Have a body of water surrounding your tarmac swarmed with waterfowl like geese and ducks? Floating bird balls are a great way to cover the water surface and prevent these pest birds from landing. With nowhere to land, it can force these birds to relocate to a different location away from your airfield.

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Switch Up Surrounding Habitat

With lands comes a good amount of vegetation and nesting areas. Pesky birds try to find the perfect nesting environment and can come back every year. By adding netting to plants or trees can discourage them from housing on your property. If birds can’t find anywhere to land, the likelihood of looking for a new property goes up.

Spray or Fog Liquid Bird Repellent

All of the above tips are quick, short-term solutions. But what about the long-term effects? Liquid bird repellent can cover a large amount of land with minimal applications. Investing in a liquid bird repellent that is safe to both the environment and the surrounding community can reduce headaches and future complications.

Take Advantage of Avian Control

Avian Control’s EPA-registered liquid bird repellent can aid in eliminating your bird problems. Our product can be sprayed on runways, hangars, waiting planes, signage and much more! We use cutting edge technology to not harm the pest birds surrounding your company but effectively repel them away non-lethally. Contact us today at 888.868.1982 to discuss our product options.

How to Keep Birds Away from Airports
Follow these tips to help keep birds out of your airport.
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How to Keep Birds Away from Airports