How To Keep Birds Away From Airports

Airports are areas of high traffic and precision that require the environment to be in excellent condition. To keep them that way, they should be free of excess particles, animals or other potential dangers. Birds are a common example of something that causes disruptions to airports.

Pest birds can be very hazardous to aviation due to collisions with aircraft, known as bird strikes, which can possibly cause aircraft to crash. Pest birds can be challenging to get rid of once they nest on your property. Here are a few tips to keep birds away from airports.

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Health Hazards


A danger that comes with lingering birds is the potential of certain illnesses. If an infected bird leaves behind droppings on tarmacs and airfields, airport employees and even passengers are at risk. Birds can carry more than 20 major diseases, so it’s important to put airport bird control methods in place to protect employees and equipment. There are short-term solutions like cleaning equipment and property, but long-term airport bird control, such as liquid bird repellent, can save the company time and money. 

Airport Bird Control Methods

To free your airport from avian disease, try implementing these methods for effective results. These efforts can keep employees and patrons safe from the spreading of various diseases and other dangers. Try the following methods of airport bird control

Floating Bird Balls

Bodies of water will attract birds to any property, including airports. If the area has a pond, lake or river, birds will flock to this area for many reasons. To cover this area, try using floating bird balls. These objects float in the water to block the appearance of the water’s surface. With nowhere to land, birds are forced to relocate to a different location away from your airfield.

Block Off Surrounding Habitat

The surrounding area can also be appealing to birds. If there is a good amount of vegetation and nesting areas, birds will linger around and make it their new home. Once birds find the perfect nesting environment, they will continue coming back to the same area for years to come. There are ways to block birds from nesting and roosting near your property. Some include:

  • Predator decoys
  • Bird netting
  • Noise machines

Discouraging birds from housing on your property will prevent them from staying around or returning each year. If birds are blocked from finding a spot to land, they will search for a different habitat elsewhere. 

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Spray Liquid Bird Repellent

For effective long-term results, try using a spray or fog liquid bird repellent. This solution has the ability to cover large amounts of land with minimal applications. Investing in a liquid bird repellent that is safe for both the environment and the surrounding community can reduce headaches and future complications.

Take Advantage Of Avian Control

Avian Controls EPA-registered liquid bird repellent can aid in eliminating your bird problems. Our product can be sprayed on runways, hangars, waiting planes, signage and much more! We use cutting edge technology to prevent harm to the pest birds surrounding your company, but effectively repel them away non-lethally. Contact us today at 888.868.1982 to discuss our product options.

How To Keep Birds Away From Airports