Keeping Birds Away From Pool Decks

How to keep birds away from swimming pool

Summer is a great time for relaxation. Many activities in the summer take place outdoors such as swimming or hanging out on a deck or patio. While enjoying time by the pool and the fresh summer air, lingering pesky birds are not ideal. Birds can get in the way, cause damage and make a mess. Here are some tips for how to keep birds away from your patio or pool deck. 

Set Up A Statue

A statue is a great decorative item to liven up your patio. It also can also be a solution to deter birds. A statue can work as a decoy painting an illusion that the space is claimed. A common statue for your patio or pool deck can be an owl, hawk, or falcon. Keep in mind that birds may get used to the decoy if you forget to regularly relocate the statue. 

Automatic pool vacuums are another form of decoy to keep birds away. The sound and motion coming from the water makes it appear there are predators in the area. Some vacuums even come with animals on them which can be more convincing for scaring the birds off. Toys, floats, or other pool items can also be a distraction for birds and help deter them.

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Bird Spikes

Fences tend to be a common place for birds to hang out. How to keep birds away? If these birds are in your way and require removal, top fencing or gutters with bird spikes. Birds are unable to land on the spikes, keeping them away from your home and encouraging them to perch elsewhere.

There are other ways to also disrupt these hang-out spots. Ideal spaces for nesting birds include openings and holes in walls, ceiling rafters, gutters and other tight, cozy spaces. You can block off rafters and other perching areas using bird netting. Small openings in your wall or other areas can be stuffed with copper scouring pads, which will stay in place and won’t splinter or rust.

Wind Chimes

How to deter birds with sound? Wind chimes. Wind chimes are enjoyable to listen to while spending time outside. But only to human ears. The noise and movement are an excellent way to scare off birds and keep them from landing on your deck or patio. Birds do not like shiny items, so the reflective metal swaying in the wind is a good way to scare them off.

Wind chimes or ultrasonic noise machines are also useful to deter nuisance birds. These noise machines emit a high-pitched sound that won’t be noticed by you but will annoy birds enough to avoid your patio.

You can also look for other shiny, noisy, and moving porch decor to help keep the birds at bay. Birds are sensitive to bright, reflective colors and will typically avoid any place that has it. To take advantage of this, and keep your deck a bird-free zone, attach reflective flash tape to strings and secure it around your porch. You can also secure small mirrors to popular nesting areas, which will trick the birds into thinking the space is already claimed.

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Bird BathHow to keep birds away from pool

Birds tend to gravitate towards water. It is typical to want a home near food and water, which unfortunately is your home, not theirs. How to keep birds away from the pool? Try adding a birdbath far from the pool deck or populated area of your patio. If the main hang-out is the backyard, place birdbaths and bird feeders in the front. This allows the birds to still get what they need but in designated areas. 

There are no promises the birds won’t hang out. It is best to cover your pool when it’s not in use or you are not home. This can prevent bird droppings and stray feathers from ending up in the pool. A solar cover is an easy alternative to a traditional cover.

Use a Non-Toxic Bird Repellent

The best way to keep birds from your pool deck or patio is by applying a bird repellent like Avian Control. The Avian Fog Force TR is an automated spray that you can place on your patio to harmlessly deter birds regularly with no maintenance.

These bird repellents are non-toxic to birds and people, so you can rest assured you’re not harming the birds while enjoying the summer in your pool or on your patio.

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Keeping Birds Away From Pool Decks