Are Migrating Geese Pushing Away Business?

Gaggle of Geese
  • Refrain From Having a Source of Food Around
  • Do Not Make it Convenient for Living
  • Engage in Scare Tactics

An invasion of geese can be an issue businesses have to face. Once geese find a spot they like, they may stick around. If this is a problem on your property, you shouldn’t ignore it because it may get worse or even get out of control. Geese can be very aggressive and territorial, especially during mating season. They can also leave behind quite a mess. Here are some tactics we suggest you try to get rid of your unwanted feathered friends.

Avoid Feeding the Geese

A simple approach to the problem all together is to avoid feeding geese. If you give them even one reason to stay, they will take advantage of that. A helpful suggestion is to deter geese prior to spring time. This is crucial because they are more likely to stay in the same area during nesting season.

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Grow Out Your Lawn

Geese are attracted to water because it makes them feel safe. If your business is located near a body of water, ask your landlord (if you don’t own the building) to grow out the grass along the waterfront. Or if the building is yours, simply avoid short grass near the edge of the water. Geese are attracted to short grass, so the longer grass may prevent them from sticking around. To better ensure this tactic works, plant some foliage that thrives in moist areas on the edge of the body of water.

gaggle of geese

Use Effective Scare Strategies

No one likes to be scared, the same goes for geese. This sounds bizarre but it works. Large predatory animals, like coyotes can be found in faux decoys. Place the faux coyote in the area where geese tend to flock. One glance of this animal and your geese problem is gone.

However, keep in mind that if the geese get used to the decoy’s inactivity, they may find that area safe. Try to switch up the location for the most effective scare.

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Are Migrating Geese Pushing Away Business?
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Are Migrating Geese Pushing Away Business?