Protect Your Parking Lot From Geese

  • Eliminate geese with visual deterrents
  • Scare geese away with a sound machine
  • Protect your parking lot with Avian Control

Have wandering geese taken over your business’ parking lot? Geese are territorial and aggressive birds. Protect your parking lot and its patrons with these tips from Avian Control.

Get Rid of Geese With Visual Deterrents

There are many different visual deterrents that can be used to get pesky geese out of your parking lot. By appealing to the bird’s instincts, these visual methods make geese feel as if they are under threat of attack, which causes them to leave the area. Visual deterrents include, but are not limited to:

  • Shiny objects placed in trees or high groundwindsock
  • Windsocks placed on the outer edge of the parking lot
  • Decoy predatory animals placed around the parking lot

While these methods will deter geese for some time, eventually birds learn that these threats are not real and will return. These visual deterrents can also be an eyesore in your parking lot.

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Scare Away Geese With Sound Machines

Bird sound machines can be implemented to deter geese from your parking lot. These machines work by playing bird distress signals or predatory bird calls. Bird sound machines come in a few different varieties. In order to ensure the comfort of those using your parking lot, employ an ultrasonic bird sound machine. These machines operate on a frequency that cannot be heard by humans.

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Repel Geese With Avian Control

Avian Control’s EPA-registered formula repels geese from entering your parking lot. Our product is safe to use around humans, crops and animals. Avian Control will keep your geese away without harming them. Contact us at 888.868.1982 for more information.

Protect Your Parking Lot From Geese
Use these methods to protect your parking lot from pest geese.
Brand: Avian Enterprises
Protect Your Parking Lot From Geese