Repel the Birds to Save Your Green

  • Repel with Reflections
  • Scare them Away
  • Implement a Bird Repellent Spray

When birds nest on your golf course they wreak havoc and decrease the value of the course! However, efficiently and effectively getting birds off your golf course costs more money than most expect. Here are a few ways you can save money and protect your course.

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Utilize Reflective Objects

Birds don’t like the glare and brightness of shiny objects. Try something like reflective tape, shiny pin-wheels or mylar balloons. The reflections scare and confuse birds, causing them to leave. Make sure the reflections are not bothering golfer by hiding these objects as much as possible.

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Lay Around Fake Predators

Realistic looking predatory birds will intimidate the birds from lingering in the area. For the best results, move these false predators around often. If you don’t, birds will eventually catch on to the ploy. Options for predatory birds include, but are not limited to:


  • Owls
  • Eagles
  • Hawks, and more!

Treat with Bird Repellent Spray

By far the most effective method of keeping birds away is by using a bird repellent spray. It is a non-lethal solution to keeping the birds away without bothering golfers on the course. Bird repellent spray is easy to apply to a large area and won’t kill or stain your grass, so your beautiful greens are safe and protected.

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How Avian Control Can Help Save You Green

Avian Control, a product of Avian Enterprises is EPA registered and is mild enough to use on your golf course. Each treatment of Avian Control lasts about two weeks outdoors and even longer indoors! At around $12.50 an acre, your wallet and golfing are safe with Avian Enterprises. Shop now, or contact us at 888.868.1982.

Repel the Birds to Save Your Green
Learn how to save your golf courses with Avian Enterprises.
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Repel the Birds to Save Your Green