Tips for Wine Grapes

  • Properly raising your grapes
  • Harvesting just in time
  • Creating your own wine

Thinking of making your very own wine? Wine making is an incredibly unique and thorough practice, from growing grapes all the way to the end product. While wine grapes may have similarities to other crops, they require their own artful process. Learn how you can turn soil into wine with these tips on raising grapes.

Grow Your Grapes The Right Way

If you’re going to make homemade wine, you first need to find an ideal growing spot. Choose a location near the top of a slope to avoid harmful frost. Once you’ve found the perfect place for your grapes, plant away and begin maintenance. Whether you’re working in a large vineyard or a backyard bush, treat your wine grapes like you would any other plant by fertilizing, watering and maintaining regularly.

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Save The (Harvest) Date

Once you’ve started taking care of your grapes, think ahead to harvest day. When raising wine grapes, it is extremely important to know the right time to pick. To determine if they are ready, take a look at the color of the seeds.

Harvesting grapes with yellow seeds earlier in the season will give you and wine with higher acidity and less alcohol.

Grapes picked later in the season will have brown seeds and produce wine with lower acidity, a sweeter taste and more alcohol.

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Make Your Very Own Fine Wine

It is finally wine-making time, but what do you do now? To get the right color and taste for your wine, these next steps are crucial:


  • Maceration time- consists of soaking the grape skins in the juice as it turns to wine
  • Fermentation- transformation of grape juice to an alcoholic beverage
  • Clarification- removal of excess solids from the wine before continuing
  • Aging your grapes- reactions take place that improve the flavor and taste over time
  • Bottling- sealing the wine in bottle with a cork or screw cap and storing

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Tips for Wine Grapes
Learn how to grow your own wine grapes with these tips from Avian Enterprises.
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Tips for Wine Grapes