The Best Kept Vineyard Secrets For Keeping Birds Away

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Protecting your vineyard from menacing birds is both a challenge and a farmer’s best kept secret. So what is the secret to the success? We aren’t keeping a lock on this one. Here are some resourceful and helpful ways to keep the birds away from your vineyard.

Scare Tactics And More

One of the many secrets of the vineyard is how to keep the birds away. These methods have been used by growers for many years. With a variety of different options, it can feel daunting choosing a good method. Here is a short list of methods that have worked for growers in the past:

  • Bird Netting
  • Live Falcons
  • Fake Decoys (Scarecrows, coyotes, owls, etc.)
  • Flare Guns
  • Liquid Bird Repellents

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Liquid Bird Repellent vs. Other Deterrents

Not all methods are treated equal. A big problem with scare tactics is the lack of long-lasting results. If you are looking for a long-lasting repellent, a non-lethal liquid bird control is what you need, like Avian Control. Here’s how these other methods stack up:

Bird Netting vs. Avian Control

Many growers get frustrated by the amount of time and effort needed to apply bird netting, and there’s no bigger headache than seeing the result of all your hard work wasted with birds still pecking through the holes. Avian Control has an easy application with the ability to be sprayed or fogged using a variety of equipment..

Live Falcons vs.Avian Controlfalcon

While a falcon or other predatory birds will hunt starlings, sparrows and similar birds, these can be rather expensive and require permits for ownership. Avian Control is cost-effective and EPA-registered. For as little as $12.50 per acre per treatment, it will drive birds away from the treated crops and areas without harm or additional permissions.

Fake Decoys vs. Avian Control

Without consistent rotation, fake decoys don’t deter birds for long because birds will learn to view them as non-threatening. Avian Control has proven quick results with treatments lasting up to two-weeks for outdoor applications.

Flare Guns vs. Avian Control

Not only are flare guns irritating to your neighbors, they can be quite dangerous. Avian Control has mild ingredients that makes it usable around other people, animals and plants. Plus, the ingredients won’t affect the taste, color or growth of your crops!

Spreading The Word Of Avian Control

Avian Control is one secret you don’t have to keep. It’s time to take your vineyard back from the ravenous birds! Other people are spreading the word so why not give it a try. Fly on over to our store or chat with us today for more information on Avian Control!

The Best Kept Vineyard Secrets For Keeping Birds Away
Learn how you can protect your wine grapes and vineyards from birds with these simple tactics.
Brand: Avian Enterprises
The Best Kept Vineyard Secrets For Keeping Birds Away