Keeping Birds Out of Your Vineyard

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There’s a lot of work that goes into a fine bottle of wine, which is why protecting your grapes from nuisance birds that can cause damage to crops is necessary for any vineyard. Without proper protection, birds will flock to your vines to snack on or pick at your grapes. This not only decreases your harvest, but can also make the grapes susceptible to infections, and damage the grapes left on the vine.  The birds will also land and nest in your crops, which can look unappealing and unsanitary to vineyard visitors.

Instead of whining about your bird problems, try some of these strategies to keep birds out of your vineyard.

Tip #1: Stop Feeding Them

Being surrounded by nature is wonderful, but if you’re feeding birds in or around your property, you’re inviting them to come back for migratory stops, mating season and nesting. The first step in any bird management should be to remove any bird feeders, bird baths or other amenities our winged friends find attractive.

Tip #2: Scare the Birds Away

Scarecrows have been a longtime staple in farming to scare off birds and other animals that want to venture into and munch on crops. While it may seem like a silly, outdated tactic, scarecrows work. You don’t need to post a stuffed man in the vineyard, but you should place statues of owls and other natural predators around your property so that birds will think twice before risking their life for a sweet grape. Make sure to move the statues often to maintain its effectiveness.


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Tip #3: Cover Vines In Netting

Netting can be an expensive, time-consuming and an often aggravating project. However, it is an effective way to protect crops from hungry birds. Before installing nets, it’s important to examine what types of birds are in the area, how much area you need to cover and to ensure you have enough extra netting to replace areas that become broken, torn or worn out.

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Use a Professional-Grade Bird Repellent

There’s a lot of little tricks you can do to deter birds from entering your property, but none are as effective and instantaneous as professional bird repellent sprays or fog treatments. Avian Enterprises has perfected its bird repellent formula to provide vineyards and other farmers with affordable, effective and safe products that keeps the birds out and allows you to reap more of what you sow.

Shop Avian bird repellents or contact an Avian specialist today to see how we can keep your vineyard bird free.

Bird Control for Vineyards
Learn how to stop birds from destroying your vineyards with these tips from Avian Enterprises.
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Keeping Birds Out of Your Vineyard