Bird Control for Vineyards

Vineyard at sunset
  • Drape Vines with Netting
  • Scare Birds Away
  • Utilize Bird Repellent

Vineyards are a beautiful tourist attraction that people venture to from all around. The last thing people want to see on those wine grapes is a bird. It can make your wine look unsanitary and your grapes unhealthy. Keep your vineyards in top shape with these bird control tips.

Tip #1: Cover Vines in Netting

Bird netting is a thin mesh that is used to keep birds off of your fruit. If you use bird netting, take your time and make sure you cover every inch for maximum effectiveness. However, be prepared to buy a large amount of netting and spend a lot of time in application.

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Tip #2: Scare the Birds Away

You can’t be around to shoo birds from your vineyard 24/7, but you can set up something that will. Implementing faux predators such as owls or scarecrows will send birds in the opposite direction. To keep this method effective try the following:


  • Move your scarecrow/owl once a day to make it more convincing.
  • Switch out your predators (i.e. owl one day, hawk the next).
  • Play recordings of predator sounds.

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Tip #3: Treat with A Liquid Bird Repellent

Bird repellent is an easy-to-apply treatment that will keep birds away from your vineyard. Simply spray it on your wine grapes every couple of weeks and you’re set. It’s important to do research on your bird repellent to make sure it’s non-toxic and gentle enough to not alter the taste, growth or appearance of your fruit.

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Protect Your Vineyards with Avian Control

Avian Enterprises’ product, Avian Control, is the best solution for vineyard bird control. Avian Control leaves no residue, so tourists and guests won’t know it’s there. Each treatment lasts up to two weeks for outdoors applications, and lasts even longer indoors. Shop now or contact us at 888.868.1982 for more information.

Bird Control for Vineyards
Learn how to stop birds from destroying your vineyards with these tips from Avian Enterprises.
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Bird Control for Vineyards