Stop Birds From Stealing Your Wine Grapes


It’s wine grape season, which means birds are beginning to swarm and devour your wine grapes. Birds like starlings and sparrows can cause major damage to your grapes. Finding an effective method to keep them away can be time consuming, making it important to find a quick and reliable resource. Here are a few simple tactics you can try to stop birds from stealing your wine grapes.

Metallic Scare Tactics

A great way to fend off pesky birds is by scaring them. Birds can be easily frightened by reflective materials. Mylar tape, old CD’s or even pinwheels are great households items that can now be repurposed in your vineyard. All you have to do is place them around or directly on your wine grape vines and watch them work.

Keep in mind, you’ll need to move them around often. Birds will begin to realize that these devices are not a threat.

Nothing But Netvineyard

Netting is a tried and true tactic to keep birds away. You’ll need to find a durable net measured to fit your vineyard. Keep in mind while installing that even the smallest gap in the net can admit a small bird behind the defense. If installed correctly, netting is a great way to keep the birds from stealing wine grapes, but can be very expensive depending on how big your vineyard is.

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The Big Bag Theory

It starts with some bags! All you’ll need are paper bags and a stapler. You’ll just put a bag over each grapevine and staple it closed. This tactic is only effective when your wine grapes are nearing their final ripening stage. Also keep in mind that if you have acres of wine grapes, this can become terribly time consuming. If it rains, you’ll also want to check the paper bags for damage.

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Reliable Liquid Bird Control

A quick and reliable way to keep the birds away is to use a non-lethal liquid bird repellent. Avian Control is an effective and efficient form of bird control that can be sprayed or fogged. Its mild ingredients allow it to be sprayed around the crops without an effect on the taste, growth or color. Avian Control can last up to two weeks outdoors and even longer in doors. Plus it costs as little as $12.50 per acre per treatment.

Protect Your Wine Grapes Today With the Avian Control Way

If you’re gearing up for your defense against nuisance birds you need a product that is easy-to-apply, long-lasting and affordable. Avian Control will help you save time and will stop birds from flying off with your profits.

Stop Birds From Stealing Your Wine Grapes
Learn how Avian Enterprises can help you protect your wine grapes from pest birds.
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Stop Birds From Stealing Your Wine Grapes