Stop Birds From Stealing Your Wine Grapes

  • Use reflective deterrents
  • Put up netting
  • Cover them with a bag

It’s wine grape season, which means it’s time to fend off pest birds. As you know, birds can cause major damage to your grapes and discovering an effective way to keep them away can be troublesome and time-consuming. Here are a few tactics you can try to prevent birds from stealing your wine grapes.

Try Metallic Scare Tactics

A great way to fend off pesky birds is by scaring them. Birds can be easily frightened by reflective materials. So, use some mylar tape, old CD’s or even pinwheels to scare the pests away. All you have to do is place them around or directly on your wine grape vines and watch them work. Keep in mind, you’ll need to move them around often. Birds can get used to the reflectives making this tactic useless.

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Install Netting Over Wine Grapesvineyard

Netting is a tried and true tactic to keep birds at bay. You’ll need to measure the area around your wine grapes and purchase quality netting. During the installation process, make sure there are no gaps. If there’s even a small hole, birds will get in. However, if installed correctly, netting is a great way to keep the birds from stealing wine grapes, but can be very expensive depending on how big your vineyard is.

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Paper Bag Defense

All you’ll need are paper bags and a stapler. You’ll just put a bag over each grapevine and staple it closed. It may sound odd, but it works. This tactic is only effective when your wine grapes are nearing their final ripening stage. Also keep in mind that if you have acres of wine grapes, this can become terribly time consuming. If it rains, you’ll also want to check the paper bags for damage and this method isn’t exactly going to please your guests.

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Avian Enterprises Can Protect Your Wine Grapes

Try a product that is easy-to-apply, long-lasting and affordable. Avian Control, a product of Avian Enterprises, is an effective way to protect your wine grapes from nuisance birds. It will last up to 2 weeks outdoors and even longer indoors. Plus, it costs as low as $12.50 per acre. Visit our store or contact us at 888.868.1982 for more information.

Stop Birds From Stealing Your Wine Grapes
Learn how Avian Enterprises can help you protect your wine grapes from pest birds.
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Stop Birds From Stealing Your Wine Grapes