How To Keep Away Barn Birds

  • Establish barriers to stop birds from entering your barn
  • Scare birds from your barn with sound deterrents
  • Eliminate easy access to food sources
  • Protect your barn with Avian Control liquid bird repellent

As the weather gets colder, non-migratory birds will begin seeking out safe and warm shelters for the winter. With some minor changes, you can avoid your barn becoming their new seasonal home. Keep away barn birds with these tips from Avian Control.  

Establish Barn Bird Barriers

Keep birds away from your barn by establishing barriers. Patch up any holes in your barn walls or ceilings to block easy access inside. For unwanted birds roosting on the outside of your barn, set up ramps or spikes to making landing difficult or uncomfortable.

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Scare Away Birds With Sound

Sound deterrents can be implemented to keep birds away from your barn. These deterrents broadcast various sounds that frighten birds and cause them to fly away. Sound deterrents include, but are not limited to:

  • Predatory bird calls
  • Distressed bird sounds
  • Ultrasonic sound waves

Eliminate Food and Water Sources

Birds will seek a shelter that supplies them with easy access to food. Make sure your barn is not an easy food source for hungry birds by keeping food and water contained. Secure all feed in bird-proof containers to encourage birds to find another winter home.

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Keep Barn Birds At Bay With Avian Control

Protect your barn from unwanted birds with Avian Control. Avian Control liquid bird repellent is effective at keeping birds away from your barn. EPA-registered and our formula is mild enough to be used around humans, animals and crops. Shop now or contact us at 888.868.1982 for more information.

How to Keep Away Barn Birds
Keep your barn bird free this winter with help from Avian Enterprises!
How To Keep Away Barn Birds