Tips For Protecting Your Corn From Pest Birds

corn patch
  • Try a scarecrow
  • Set up a net
  • Get loud

Protecting corn from pest birds is essential as they can be the biggest threat to your crops. Birds can eat your seeds, destroy your land and ruin your harvest. There are many tactics you can try to keep your corn safe. Here are a few tips to try to prevent birds from touching your corn.

Set Up a Scarecrowscarecrow

Scare the pesky birds away with a scarecrow. Dress it up in flowy clothing so it looks like it’s moving. You can add some reflective material to make it extra visible. Then just move it around every couple of days to keep the birds away.

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Install Some Netting

Simply measure the area of your corn field and purchase some netting. Make sure the netting is high quality to withstand damage from pest birds. It may be expensive, but cheap netting can be easily broken. Holes in the net can cause major devastation to your corn crop.

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Scare Them Away With Noise

There are many ways that you can scare birds with noise. Try sound cannons, projecting sounds of distress calls or sounds of predators. You can try them all to make your crops undesirable to pest birds. Remember to warn the neighbors, though. Noise makers can be quite loud.

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Let Avian Enterprises Protect Your Corn from Pest Birds

If you want to try something that is easy-to-use, inexpensive and long-lasting, try Avian Control, a product of Avian Enterprises. It can be applied aerially or on the ground by spraying or fogging. Plus, it only costs $12.50 per acre of treatment. Don’t waste time with tactics that only work for a short time. Shop now or contact us at 888.868.1982 for more information.

Tips For Protecting Your Corn From Pest Birds
Try these tips from Avian Enterprises to protect your corn from pesky birds.
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Tips For Protecting Your Corn From Pest Birds