How to Get Rid of Crows Quickly and Humanely

Nothing beats waking up on a sunny spring morning to the sound of birds chirping in the distance. But there is one bird in particular that can give everyone a headache: crows! Crows are intelligent and mischievous birds that can create a nuisance on your property, home or in your garden. Check out our suggestions for keeping your crops, yard and property safe from these bothersome birds!

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Store Trash Securely to Prevent PeckingPrevent Crows From Pecking

Crows have sharp beaks and talons, which make for the perfect tools to cut and rip into bags of seeds, trash or other sources of food. Once crows have a consistent and readily available source of food, they become much harder to get rid of. To prevent crows from using your property as an easy source of nourishment, consider the following tips:

  • Put your garbage in a safe and secure bin
  • Purchase food containers with locked lids
  • Never leave bags of food or seeds out in the open

Purchase Small Bird Feeders to Keep Crows Out

Crows can often intimidate smaller varieties of birds into leaving your property, backyard or garden. If you’d like to welcome smaller birds to your property without inviting crows, purchase a bird feeder that won’t dispense nuts and seeds to birds over a certain size. However, be sure to clean up spilt food on the ground to prevent crows from gathering anyway.

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Install Bird Netting over Gardens to Shield Crops

Crows are constantly looking for a reliable source of food, which makes your spring or summer garden the perfect target. To prevent nuisance crows from ruining your crops and plants, make sure to invest in a form of bird control that can protect your garden without harming it. Bird netting can be a viable option for bird control in your garden, but be sure to use the following tips to maximize its effectiveness:Install Netting to Prevent Pecking

  • Purchase high quality, polyurethane bird netting
  • Drape netting over a sturdy, wooden frame
  • Check netting daily for entanglements with small animals

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Use Liquid Bird Repellent to Continuously Repel Crows

If you’d like to avoid the hassle and labor of installing bird netting and are looking for a simple, effective and long-lasting method of controlling pest crows, liquid bird repellent is a great option to consider. The best liquid bird repellents are non-toxic, won’t harm birds or other animals and can be sprayed or fogged for precise application. Many are available in commercial or residential sizes to suit your needs.

Get Rid of Crows with Non-Toxic Avian Control!

If you’re tired of crows causing chaos on your property, in your garden or around your home, try Avian Control liquid bird repellent! The non-toxic formula is safe to use around humans and animals, and won’t leave behind a messy residue. If you’d like to keep crows out of your space for good, contact us at 888.868.1982 to order your preferred size of Avian Control, today!

How to Get Rid of Crows Quickly and Humanely
Learn how get rid of crows quickly and humanely with Avian Enterprises.
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How to Get Rid of Crows Quickly and Humanely