Goose Repellent for Spring Nesting Prevention

Geese can cause many problems in the areas where they nest, including defacing property, attacking guests or visitors and contaminating lawns and ponds with droppings. Your goose problem can be made exponentially worse once the birds have created nests and hatched their young, which is why prevention is key. Keep reading to learn effective tips on how to prevent geese from nesting on your property this spring!

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Why Prevent Nesting?

From February through April, geese begin nesting after finding an appropriate spot to lay eggs and raise their young. Once these nests are created, it is almost impossible to get geese to leave the area that they have chosen, as they are extremely aggressive and hostile when protecting their goslings. Methods of repelling the birds that normally work, like scare tactics, decoys and harassment, become much less effective once a nest has already been constructed.

NOTE: Geese are protected by the Federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act, and it is illegal in many states to kill or harm them or outside of federally approved hunting seasons or without a permit. Consult your county wildlife office for specific details on rules and regulations in your state.

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Adjust your Property to Deter Nesting Geese

One of the key ways to prevent geese from nesting on your property is to make it less appealing to the birds in the first place. Geese enjoy areas with plenty of space for grazing and a readily available source of water. To detract geese from your property, consider the following pointers:deter nesting geese

  • Avoid trimming grasses around lakes and ponds to obstruct the view of the birds
  • Install mesh or wire to prevent birds from accessing bodies of water
  • Let shoreline vegetation and plants grow to inhibit bird access to water

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Use Scare Tactics to Frighten Geese

There are many methods of frightening geese and ultimately preventing them from nesting on your property, all with varying degrees of effectiveness. The use of herding dogs to scare geese away can be effective, but only if repeated several times a day for the first few weeks that geese appear on your land. Noise-making devices and predatory decoys are also options for scare tactics, but birds can easily become accustomed to these methods of bird control and continue to build nests anyway. Again, geese are protected under federal law, so be sure to check whether these forms of scare tactics are legal in your state.

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Invest in a Liquid Bird Repellent to Prevent Nesting All Season Long!goose liquid bird repellent spray

One of the most effective methods of preventing geese from nesting on your property is to invest in a liquid bird repellent. This method of bird control repels geese entirely from areas where it is sprayed or fogged to aid in spring nest prevention. The best repellents will effectively repel pest geese without:

  • Harming or poisoning birds
  • Creating unsightly or visible residue
  • Using harsh chemicals that are toxic to wildlife or humans

Use Avian Control to Repel Pest Geese and Stop Nesting Altogether

If nesting geese have caused damage to your property, attacked employees or guests and cost you money in the form of messy cleanup, Avian Control liquid bird repellent is the solution you need! When applied to lawns, fields and shorelines, non-toxic Avian Control prevents geese from nesting and roosting in areas where they shouldn’t, all without any visible residue or harsh byproducts. Contact us at 888.868.1982 to prevent geese from taking over your property, today!

Goose Repellent for Spring Nesting Prevention
Spring goose repellent spray to prevent nesting and roosting.
Brand: Avian Enterprises
Goose Repellent for Spring Nesting Prevention