How To Keep Birds Away From Cider Mills

Now that the fall season has arrived, you’ve probably been spending a lot of time prepping your cider mill for the crowds that are sure to come. Just about everyone loves a mug of hot apple cider when the weather cools down and the leaves change colors. And while birds add a nice aesthetic with their singing and chirping, they really aren’t welcome around your cider mill. So this fall, trust Avian Control to keep birds away from your cider mill.

Types of Birds that Crowd Cider Mills

cider mill bird control

Birds that are used to humans in their habitats are generally fearless even when the crowds of people pour in a given area. They love to catch the food dropped from distracted guests and continue to follow people around waiting for more. Several types of birds you find at cider mills mainly include:

  • Crows
  • Ducks
  • Geese

While smaller birds fly in and out of the area, these specific birds may hang around for longer periods of time due to the non-migratory habits of select species.

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Ways to Keep Birds Out of Cider Mill Areas

Cider mills can become heavily populated during this time of year, leaving no extra room for birds to flock in between your guests’ feet or leave unsanitary messes behind. Fortunately, there are a few ways to deter birds from hanging around the cider and hay bales designed for human use:

Feed Birds Farther Away
If you happen to have leftover breadcrumbs (or destroyed cinnamon donuts), you might want to save them for the birds. By sprinkling an area that is farther away from your cider mill, birds might flock to the freely available snacks instead.

scare crow for cider mill bird protection

Make a Traditional Scarecrow
While older models may not have been aesthetically pleasing, modern scarecrows can double as a bird deterrent method and an attractive prop for your cider mill. While not necessarily guaranteeing permanent bird relocation, scarecrows can work to scare birds away.

Spray Liquid Bird Repellent
By far the most successful route for deterring birds is to spray a liquid bird repellent around the yard before your patrons have the chance to visit. Be sure to choose safe repellents that are approved for not only the birds, but for the small animals and humans that visit your cider mill.

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How Does Avian Control Keep Birds Away From Cider Mills?

Avian Control Bird Repellent

Don’t let birds come by your cider mill and ruin not only your profit, but also your patrons’ fun day. This fall, put your trust in Avian Control. Wondering why you should use Avian Control to keep birds away from cider mills? Here are just a couple of reasons:

  • Unpleasant scent – irritates the birds but not the humans
  • Training mechanism – the repeated unpleasantness drives birds away
  • UV aids – birds associate the UV rays with irritation and stay away after a glance

Avian Control is also non-lethal, so no birds, pets, animals or humans will be harmed.

Use Avian Control To Help Keep Birds Away From Cider Mills

This fall, trust in Avian Control to keep your cider mill free of birds. You don’t want your mill overrun with birds and neither do your customers. To ensure the health of your apples and cider, use Avian Control this fall. Contact us at 888.868.1982 to keep your cider mill bird-free.

Avian Control
This fall, keep your cider mill bird-free with the safe and effective Avian Control liquid bird repellent. Avian Control is a new, patent-pending, EPA-registered liquid bird repellent that will eliminate your bird problems.
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How To Keep Birds Away From Cider Mills